Fertilygo B2B Ecosystem

FertilyGo has partnered with HealthDocs to provide a complete patient management platform linking doctors, patients and research institutions. The practice management system provides user friendly and affordable mobile and web based software to help medical practices digitise patient records, improve administration efficiencies, communication and manage their medico-legal risk with integrated, secure patient and doctor consent forms as well as patient information leaflets. With the practice platform, doctors and patients can communicate, share files, clinical metrics and consultations and book appointments. The solution also caters for digital onboarding of patients and provides the ability to scan application forms, medical aid cards, patient files, reports and photos cost effectively from a mobile phone and/or tablet directly into a patient’s profile.

Digitise patient files easily and cost effectively wherever you are in real time without the need for a scanner

Allows patients to share photos, files, clinical metrics and scripts with your practice in real time

Calendar management

in-practice real time task management

Complaint management


Accessing patient records and documents in real time 24 hours a day

Data Integrations are being completed with other medical industry stakeholders, such as genetic testing facilities, pathology laboratories, radiology laboratories and various others

Document management for the practice

In-practice real time messaging

Electronic consultations

Allows the practice to share files, medical records and clinical metrics with patients in real time