Ilana du Toit


FertilyGo was the brainchild of South African Business Woman, Ilana Du Toit. FertilyGo is founded in her own deeply personal reproductive health and fertility journey. “Through my own experience, I came to realize that there was no one specific service or application that allowed users such as myself or my partner to track our entire fertility journey from monthly cycle to pregnancy and everything in between. FertilyGo is a one stop application where individuals have the power to capture and access their data from puberty through to adulthood – without losing information between fertility stages.”

 Ilana was diagnosed with early menopause in 2012 and has seen many Fertility Doctors and clinics in the UK and South Africa. Whilst going through the Fertility treatment process, Ilana realised that there is so much more that could be done to consolidate and streamline the Fertility process and health data management. Ilana realised that, if she knew at the age of 18 that her ovarian egg reserve was diminishing, she could have taken a more proactive approach to managing her reproductive health and her journey could have looked a lot different today. Ilana’s mission is to educate and raise awareness through FertilyGo and help couples get to their desired family outcome quicker and more efficiently. FertilyGo was born to become the data and intelligence partner for the entire reproductive health cycle, providing responsible data access to patients, doctors and health research facilities around the world, allowing patients to move from re-active, to pro-active in their reproductive health journeys.

George Rudman

Head of Technology

George is an innovative, creative and strategic thinker who has, over the past 24 years, been in numerous directorship roles in the information communication technology (ICT), payments and healthcare sectors. George has extensive experience within private and public companies, including the government sector and has managed national and international business and technology developments and has publically listed some of his own technology firms in the past. 

George has over 20 years of invaluable experience in intellectual property management, business development and commercialisation (licensing) of technology across various sectors of industry on a global stage and occupied a director position at the Licensing Executive Society of South Africa. George is a listed inventor on patents registered within South Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom and has published articles on innovation within the United Nations Public Administration Network.


JK du Toit

Head of Strategy

JK is a UK qualified Chartered Management Accountant (CPA equivalent)  with a unique skill set and experience in IT, Finance, PPP Projects, HR and for the last 4 years, disruptive technology and Artificial Intelligence. JK is also the CEO of The Talent Index, an Artificial Intelligence Platform that manages people risk for large insurance companies and banks. He has combined his experience and skillset in finance, human capital and technology into a quantitative solution which drives value and insight for corporate on decisions at C-Level with a particular focus on people risk.


JK was tasked to design a data strategy and ecosystem for FertilyGo to operate as a global health data ecosystem, allowing global research universities, leading fertility clinics, medical thought leaders and patients to collaborate in a pro-active manner while solving some of the industry’s toughest challenges through data. JK has designed a framework & engaged with globally leading health research houses in Africa and the USA who are currently taking equity positions in FertilyGo, thus positioning FertilyGo as a global leader in reproductive health research, supported by faculties with a combined 4,000 medical researchers supporting the initiative. Beyond this, a number of leading names in Fertility Health in Africa are signing up to FertilyGo, while opening their anonymised patient data and insights for the last 30 years for medical research.

Julian Naidoo

Strategic Advisor

Julian Naidoo is an applied economist with a PhD in Economics (concentrations in econometrics and health economics) as well as a recipient of the Nelson Mandela Economics Scholarship (University of Maryland – US) and the Oliver Tambo Fellowship (University of Cape Town – South Africa) for health managers focusing on health management and economics. Julian has a wealth of experience in working with government and international development partners such as the World Bank, Global Fund, Department of International Development (DFID) and USAID. Dr Julian Naidoo was part of the HIV and AIDS Capacity building projects for World Bank and UNAIDS (ASAP) team covering the following regions: South America, Caribbean, Anglo-phone and Franco-phone Africa, eastern European and Asia. He led the development of innovative costing tools and the alignment to resource allocation (GOALS) and epidemiological forecasting. Dr Naidoo has held several senior positions in government in South Africa, including the Departments’ of Health, Social Development and Treasury/Finance. As the head of Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) at Gauteng Treasury, Julian was responsible for budget management, fiscal policy, economic analysis, public finance, PPPs and intergovernmental resource management. During his tenure at Treasury, Dr Naidoo established innovative public finance models to optimise budget performance and allocative efficiency. Julian’s private sector experience includes providing consulting services to several medium to large corporations in the health sector focusing on health care financing and feasibility studies. Dr Naidoo was the health sector lead Partner/Director for one of the top four international advisory companies. He led a team of multi-disciplined professionals focusing on innovative health care solutions across Africa. Dr Naidoo is currently the Head of the Wits Development Enterprise (WDE) a Syndicate/Division of WHC, which is a wholly owned entity of the University of Witwatersrand. WHC has approximately 3000 staff and manages about 300 large health projects ranging from $5m to $120m dollars per annum. Julian is also the Chief of Party for the Global Fund Regional Grant for TB in the mining sector (TIMS), of which WHC is the Principle Recipient. Dr Naidoo is a strategic technical resource focusing on large projects and business development at WHC. He specialises in Health Service advisory, Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Services and Business Development. His experience in the health sector includes health care financing, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis; financial monitoring and efficiency analysis. WDED is currently providing technical assistance to donors on pandemic preparedness and response.